Reader's Viewpoint: Mills case proves judicial system is broken

By Colin E.Bayliss, The Times-Reporter
Posted 11/7/2008

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the Reader’s Viewpoint from Larry Kolakowski.

First, let me say how sorry I am that your grandson had to die in such a way.

Unfortunately, though, I agree with a previous comment that Marsha Mills was railroaded. That may not be the correct term, but it is close.

Your letter stated that “the amount of pictures was necessary to clearly show his injuries ... and the damage caused.”

Frankly, those photos are irrelevant as to who caused those injuries and how they happened. They could have done that on a blackboard or sketched on paper. Those pictures inflamed the emotions to make someone pay for the alleged crime.

The reason the prosecution had to inflame the emotions was because there were so few actual facts that Marsha Mills did it. Combine that with the fact, if I remember correctly, that the judge did not allow a video of a child who actually died by falling down a step.

I do not know if Marsha Mills murdered your child, but I am skeptical because a tiger does not change its stripes. I heard nothing about any previous behavior on her part that would suggest she was capable of such an act.

I conclude that our judicial system is broken. Should the prosecutor have indicted either you or me, the jury would have found us just as guilty as Marsha Mills.

Colin E. Bayliss Dover